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Our core products are :- Blister Collator System have Strip Blister Collator System and U Shape Blister Collator System. And De-Blister Machine , Small Stainless Steel Turn Table. And the types of belts are Buffer Conveyor Belt and Link Conveyor Belt.

ALL Types of change parts for Bottle Packing Line Machines. Spare parts for Bottle packing machine (All types of Roller, Belts, cap gripper, Acrylic cover, Timing belt and pulley).

All Types of change parts for Blister pack (ROMACO N921, BQS, ELMAC, ROTOVAC-210S, IMAPG), Spare parts of Blister pack machine (Re—knurling sealing plate, Tablet feeding brush, feeding plate, sealing heater, Jam cleaner, Cleaning brush ), Universal brush feeder.

And the types of the belts are Single separator belt and Gripper belt And assembly are Separator assembly , Scoring assembly and Wrap belt assembly Machine for the capsule filling are TFA (Tablet feeding assembly for capsule filling machine) are used to fill empty soft or hard gelatin capsules of various sizes with powders, granules, semi-solids or liquids substances containing active pharmaceutical ingredients or a mixture of active drug substances.

And the other products are Change parts trolley ,Rejection verification, Rejection pusher mechanism, Leaflet plate magazine
Nitrogen Puring System is used on a packaging line to replace oxygen in the head space of containers once they are filled, but just before being sent through the capping machine to be sealed. Nitrogen is used to purge the oxygen because nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and generally inert gas. In other words, nitrogen in the head space of the bottle will not break down the products mentioned above as quickly.

Other machines are Bulk 2D Machine, Burn Seal Detector System, MDI Canister Carrier, Impulse Heat Sealing Machine, Stirrer System, T-20 Machine, Tray Loading Machine, Stress Test Water Bath.

We are supplying Feedworms, Starwheels & Change parts for a vast range of filling, capping, corking, capsuling, gassing, crimping, test baths, labeling machines etc. within a whole host of industries such as food, drink, cosmetic, aerosol, healthcare and

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